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SINOMA CO.,Ltd, the second phase Expansion Project of JURONG TAINI Cement Co.,Ltd


Nanjing KAISHENG Cement Technology Project Co.,Ltd   China Material Zhuzhou Cement Co.,Ltd 


Sichuan JINGUAN Cement Company                    Jiangsu Dragon Cement Production Line


       China United Cement Group Co., Ltd    Qingdao China United Luhong Cement Production Line


JIning Conch Cement Company                   Daba Cement Production Line


       Hubei Zhongsha Cement Co.,Ltd             Xuzhou Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Ironmaking project


Xiangdan Iron&Steel blast furnace project     Xingda Iron&Steel sintering project   


HANDAN RION&STEEL Co., Ltd                Chengde Iron&Steel group 


Xuangang steel somteromg project                     Zhangjiakou power plant


SANHE power plant in China                             XIBOPO powerplant in China   

Yanzhou the second power plant in China                   Likang power plant in China   Xuzhou power plant in China


Saudi Arabian RCC Cement Production Line        Saudi Arabian NCC Cement Production Line   

     Saudi Arabian NAJRAN  Cement Company         Jordanian A.Agate Cement Project (AMCP)         

Vietnam cement project                       Ethiopian cement project

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